5 D’s To Apprenticing Small Group Leaders

5 D’s To Apprenticing Small Group Leaders

1.Define your goals and wins & what a group leader is

  • Our goal is not just meeting together. It is to reproduce and create other groups.
  • Apprenticing will make you a better leader
  • Group leaders are not experts; we are facilitators

2.Delegate responsibilities to members

  • Apprentice is a person who assists the group leader in prep for leading a group
  • An apprentice can help by emailing the group before each week’s meeting, setting up snack schedules and leading group discussions

3.Discern and Determine one or two apprentices

  • Always be looking for potential leaders. Not everyone will be ready to lead but give them opportunities.
  • Identify those that are teachable and willing.

4.Discuss potential opportunities

  • Encourage and ask if they can be a group leader before multiplication of group occurs

5.Do actual training and continue discussions

  • Invite them to a group leader huddle or a group leader orientation and let your groups director know their interest in leading a group.

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