The Secret Life Of Bees

The Secret Life Of Bees

There’s nothing like completing a really good book.  You almost miss being part of the imaginative world and the fondness you have developed with the characters.

Last night I woke up at 3am and couldn’t go back to sleep so I decided to finish a novel I’ve been reading titled “The Secret Life Of Bees”.  It’s a book I’ve had in my bookshelf for some time.  I remember getting this book along with some other books when a friend was moving to Boston and his wife was getting rid of her collection of books.  I’m a pretty frugal person so I jumped at the opportunity. After years of sitting in my shelf and waiting to be read, I finally read it with delight.

Rather than provide a book summary which can be found in many websites like Amazon, I guess my one takeaway from reading this book was that books are vital to foster creativity and imagination.  We live in a culture where we can passively consume movies, tv shows, and video games but books activate your mind to make the words come alive.  I’m thankful that my father instilled the love of reading in me.  I hope my son can appreciate literature as he grows up. It will open up a world that will allow him to dream and dialogue with others.

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