3 Reasons Why You Need A Ping Pong Table

3 Reasons Why You Need A Ping Pong Table

Call it ping pong or table tennis.  Whatever you call it, it’s not just internet start-ups that have ping pong tables anymore.  Companies and organizations are catching up to the value of having one not just for recreational purposes but for much more.  Okay, maybe I’m just biased because I love playing ping pong and it’s a 3pm ritual in our office.  Here are my top 3 reasons for why you need to get one right away.


Our brains  were not made to be working non-stop.  A simple game of ping pong could break the routine in your schedules and give your brain the necessary break.  Your mind will feel recharged from the hiatus and it will boost your productivity for the rest of the day.



If you have an office job, most of us are sitting in our chairs the majority of the day.  They now say that sitting is the new smoking.   Playing a few games of ping pong will allow you to get up on your feet and move around.  Even a few minutes of moving around on your feet and exercising your hand/eye coordination will pay dividends for your body and brain.  Moreover, since ping pong can be played indoors, you don’t have to worry about the weather and are able play in all seasons and conditions.



Ping pong is an activity that is easy to pickup but difficult to master.  But you have to admit, it can be a ton of fun.  It’s also a place where you could have a friendly competition without banging into each other or breaking a sweat.  If you play doubles, it could even be an environment where you could build teamwork as you learn to play together.

So, there really is no excuse not to get a ping pong table. You can purchase a recreational one for around $200-400 unless you want a professional table which can be in the thousands.

Now share this article with your boss and convince him of her the benefits of ping pong in your environment.


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