Many Little Things Done In The Same Direction

Many Little Things Done In The Same Direction

I remember when I was in college I was at a retreat and during a Q&A time with our guest speaker, one of the students mentioned how if God would let him be the next Christian Puff Daddy (a music artist, producer, mogul), essentially someone who is rich and famous, he could be an influential person for Christ.  It may sound like a lofty goal but how our guest speaker responded to this statement has impacted me to this day.

He said “If I could collect a nickel for every person who said what you said, I would be millionaire.” It took us a moment to fully realize what he was saying.  Our guest speaker was challenging this young man’s ambition and assertion.  There are many people who want to be known and seen to do great things for God.  But where are those who will faithfully do the little things – behind the scenes – when no one is looking? Where are those who will wake up early in the morning to pray earnestly, to read the Bible, memorize scriptures, help a friend, share a kind word with a stranger, grow and learn to be a leader in his/her field?

I love this quote by Nido Qubein that “Most worthwhile achievements are the result of many little things done in the same direction.” If you are a young leader or even a veteran in ministry or in the marketplace, don’t try to hit a home run.  Patiently and with perseverance, aim to get on base and work your way to achieving your potential.

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