A Grand Opening

A Grand Opening

There is something special and exciting about a grand opening.  It is the start of something new and fresh. Today I visited the grand opening of a local supermarket and what an experience I had.  From several employees greeting me at the door and to the aisles, to an employee helping me with the shopping cart.  On top of that, there was no line at the cash register.

In the life of an organization, programs and initiatives usually begin with a lot of excitement and momentum.  But after the euphoria of the start wanes, that’s when the tough work really begins.  How do you continue to motivate your team and bring the same excitement that you had when you first opened the doors? Or if you have come into a more mature organization, how do you not only jumpstart the programs and products but continue to move it forward and advance?

It all begins with vision.  As they say, “without vision, people die”. In the same vein, without vision, organizations will eventually go away.  That’s why it’s vital for the leadership to persistently communicate the vision, mission, and strategy to the staff, customers, or investors of the organization.  It’s the clear vision, mission, and strategy that determines the culture of an organization.  When you have a culture that is positive and forward thinking, you’re going to attract more people who are the same way.

So, as a leader, don’t just focus on the grand opening. Think through how you can continue to inspire and equip people to further your mission, vision and strategy. That’s what will make a lasting impact.

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