Clarity In Vision

Clarity In Vision

In our organizations, we often suffer from vision problems.  Sometimes we suffer from near-sightedness.  We can see the objects and circumstances right before us but we can’t clearly see what’s ahead of us.  Therefore, we need a course correction to give us vision for the future – for the things that are yet to come.  Yes, we need to be present in the moment.  But we also look to a better tomorrow – a hope that allows us to persevere in the current challenges.

Sometimes we suffer from farsightedness. We can see what’s ahead of us but we can’t clearly see what’s right in front of us.  We’re always dreaming and looking at what’s next and neglecting the issues of the present moment.

I believe if we are to be used effectively in our organizations, we need to put on the right lenses. This will allow us to have a clearer vision for the present and the future.

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