Sparks Fly

Sparks Fly

Creative people often don’t sit down thinking they are going to be creative. Sparks of creativity come when you least expect it. It comes when you’re driving a car, taking a shower, watching a movie and bam! Something bursts in your mind. A light bulb turns on.

In that moment, you either have to catch it like you’re catching a butterfly with a net or it evaporates like a mist. That is why so many songwriters carry a recorder around so that when a melody or a lyric comes to mind, they can capture a small fragment of a chorus or verse and use that as a catalyst to build their entire song. Well, at least that’s how I work.

I remember Willy Nelson would say something similar like how music is all around us and we just have to catch it. He said something to that degree but don’t quote me on it.

In any case, my advice to all the creative people out there. Carve out some time in your day or your week to just think and allow your brain to just fly into space. Let your creative juices wander outside of your confined boundaries so that sparks of imagination and ideas will burst like fireworks in the sky.

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